Traffic rules exam on React/Redux/SASS/Webpack. Upgrade old repo, without create-react-app.
(Header and footer was copied from auto school site, for which I made this project)


Websites for the 2021 year (HTML layouts):

https://sweetgirlsgonewild.com https://github.com/pashakiz/sweetgirlsgonewild
https://hornyanonymous.com https://github.com/pashakiz/hornyanonymous
http://eroticfantasyclub.com https://github.com/pashakiz/eroticfantasyclub
https://ragazzesole.com https://github.com/pashakiz/ragazzesole.com
https://mybustybeauty.com https://github.com/pashakiz/mybustybeauty
https://myromanticmatch.com https://github.com/pashakiz/myromanticmatch
https://hornydivorced.com https://github.com/pashakiz/hornydivorced
https://wildasianbabes.com https://github.com/pashakiz/wildasianbabes


Websites for the 2020 year (HTML layouts):

LocalHornyNeighbours https://github.com/pashakiz/localhornyneighbours
https://vollbusigemutter.de https://github.com/pashakiz/vollbusigemutter
https://voluptuouswives.com https://github.com/pashakiz/voluptuouswifes
https://yourhotneighbour.com https://github.com/pashakiz/yourhotneighbour
https://snatchher.com https://github.com/pashakiz/snachher
https://banghiswife.com https://github.com/pashakiz/banghiswife
https://zoomflirts.com https://github.com/pashakiz/zoomflirts
https://cougarsprey.com https://github.com/pashakiz/cougarsprey
https://liveyourwetdream.com https://github.com/pashakiz/liveyourwetdream


Interactive tickets for traffic rules on ReactJS.
(Header and footer was copied from auto school site, for which I made this project)

In addition, I wrote a couple of bots in a Telegram.
One of them: https://github.com/pashakiz/HealthyMealBot


Technology stack: PHP (Codeigniter), JS (jQuery, Ajax), HTML/CSS, GIT
This is a platform for publishers of newspapers and advertisers. Advertisers can order online ads here on the central site and on the local newspapers sites of publishers. Publishers can place here his website or create it. There are three side of the systems: 1) main dashboard for publishers and advertisers, 2) main Clascal site with international ads in English language, 3) and plugin for WordPress website for order ads directly from local newspaper sites.
The most of my role in this project is front-end, and some of back-end too.


  • Editing design of the all system and make it one styled (JPG to HTML/CSS)
  • Support WordPress plugins
  • Making the new features of system.

Websites for the 2019 year (PSD to HTML, XD to HTML):

https://ashleydates.com https://github.com/pashakiz/ashely_dates/
https://ameliadreams.com https://github.com/pashakiz/amelia_dreams/
https://dameserotiques.com https://github.com/pashakiz/dames_erotiques/
https://noordzeemeisjes.com https://github.com/pashakiz/noordzee_meisjes/
https://carineamici.com https://github.com/pashakiz/carine_amici/
https://uncomplicated.loan https://github.com/pashakiz/uncomplicated_loan/
Deal Hunter https://github.com/pashakiz/dealhunter/
Radar ICO https://github.com/pashakiz/RadarICO


Exchange of native advertising. PSD to HTML (45 pages). 124 hours of work.

Responsive template for Online Store Sushi-Restaurant. PSD to HTML (4 pages).

Landing page for MIPT course.


  • Interactive SVG map of Crimea
  • Vector icons
  • Two versions: for desktops and for mobile all devices.
  • All content (text/photos) edits in admin panel of Wordpress

Responsive template for Online Store. Converting PSD to HTML/CSS/JS (20 pages).

Responsive template for Online Store. PSD to HTML (5 pages).

PSD to HTML of new design RASNO main page (rosobrnauka.ru). Responsive template. 10 hours of work.

Landing page, PSD to HTML

  • Responsive template
  • Bootstrap grid
  • Sending form (text+files) via Ajax
  • Custom design of <input type="file">
  • Simple parallax
  • Datepicker

Responsive template. PSD to HTML (1 page). Filter on jQuery.

Responsive template. PSD to HTML (1 page). Using Bootstrap 3.

PSD to HTML. JavaScript (jQuery):

  • Custom <select>
  • Fixed right block
  • Hover-effects.

PSD to HTML. JavaScript (jQuery):

  • show/hide FAQ blocks
  • carousel of reviews

PSD to HTML (1 page). JavaScript (jQuery):

  • show/hide comments
  • Fixed blocks «оставить комментарий»

PSD to HTML (menu only). JavaScript (jQuery):

  • Hover-effect
  • Click-effect (+ scroll)