Pavel Kizernis Junior JavaScript Developer

Telegram: @pashakiz

My goal is the working with interesting projects on position Senior Developer or Team Lead!

I’m working in web development from the time of CSS2 (about 2010). Basically in frontend development (HTML/CSS).

I love and want to develop beautiful and useful interfaces. Since 2017 I worked a little in backend development too.

I like to learn new technologies. And I’m always pay much attention to details.


  • Frontend

    • JavaScript (ES6)
    • React/Redux
    • webpack
    • npm
    • SASS
    • HTML/CSS
    • Bootstrap
    • jQuery
  • Backend

    • php (Codeigniter, Yii)
    • MySQL
  • Tools

    • git
    • VS Code
    • PHPStorm
    • Notepade++
    • Figma
    • Avocode
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe XD

Code examples
Traffic rules exam on React/Redux/SASS/Webpack. Upgrade old repo, without create-react-app.
(Header and footer was copied from auto school site, for which I made this project),
html layouts from design (webpack, scss, js)

In addition, I wrote a couple of bots in a Telegram.
One of them:


..And a lot of my code you can find in my github profile: pashakiz or codewars: pashakiz



Frontend Developer (JS/HTML/SCSS/webpack)
07.02.2020 - 01.05.2022


  • Converting Figma/XD to HTML/CSS/JS

Clascal (Toronto, Canada),

Fullstack Web Developer (remote, PHP (Codeigniter 2), JS (jQuery, Ajax), HTML/CSS, Git)
18.10.2016 – 12.07.2019

This is a platform for publishers of newspapers and advertisers. Advertisers can order online ads here on the central site and on the local newspapers sites of publishers. Publishers can place here his website or create it.

There are three side of the systems:

  • main dashboard for publishers and advertisers;
  • main Clascal site with international ads in English language;
  • and plugin for WordPress website for order ads directly from local newspaper sites.

The most of my role in this project is front-end, and some of back-end too.


  • Editing design of the all system and make it one styled (JPG to HTML/CSS);
  • Support WordPress plugins;
  • Making the new features of system.

I can ask a reference letter.

DONCOIN (Donetsk),

Fullstack Web Developer (HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Git)
01.09.2015 – 01.10.2016


  • Converting PSD to HTML;
  • Import HTML/CSS/JS to WordPress / Joomla;
  • Support sites of, etc.

TurboWEB (Donetsk),

Frontend Developer (HTML/CSS)
01.05.2014 - 31.08.2014


  • Converting PSD to HTML;
  • Support sites.


Frontend Developer (HTML/CSS)
01.10.2011 - 01.05.2014


  • Converting PSD to HTML

Training Center «Vershina» (Moscow)

Technical Administrator (remote)
01.02.2010 - 30.07.2011


  • Administration sites/forum
  • Customer support
  • Technical support webinars
  • Technical support online store (the creation and packaging of electronic products)
  • Email-mailing
  • Human Resources Management (tracking workflow tasks and deadlines)
  • Training of personnel
  • Working with freelancers (issuance / acceptance of tasks)
  • Reporting on payments to staff and freelancers
  • Help other departments in cooperation with the technical department.
  • Verifying all systems
  • Cooperation with partners of the company


Donetsk National Technical University (2006-2008)

Form of study: Full-time
Faculty: Computing Technology
Speciality: The software of the automated systems
Chair: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Donetsk Institute of Psychology and Entrepreneurship (2008-2011)

Form of study: Distance Learning
Faculty: Psychology and Sociology
Speciality: Psychologist
Chair: General Psychology

Moscow Gestalt Institute (2019-2022)

I am studying the second profession - Gestalt psychotherapy

The Rolling Scopes School (2021)

JS/FE Pre-School / JavaScript/Front-end 2021Q3


Russian: Native
Ukrainian: Native
English: Intermediate (B1)